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Career Collection

Career collection

Career path coaching

How to develop an authentic career strategy? How to take actions that resonate with your talent and ambitions? Or the employer you seek? Isrid career path coaching is your sidekick to make monumental changes and to offer the support and reflection you need to find your path and to take strategic action to achieve professional growth.

Rock your CV

Where to work? Who to work for? How to stand out in the marketplace? That’s where you can benefit from Isrid’s Rock your CV session and her unique 'golden triangle method'. She looks at the whole you and knows personally the inside workings of all the major players in the industry. Her goal isn’t to find you a job, it’s to find you a dream job.

What people say?

As a professor Isrid does not only inspire the students, she has also pushes and helps them to become better thinkers, gain deep and insightful answers which will help them for their future careers.
Sidita Kasemi
program director Rome business school
From the moment I met Isrid we had a certain connection. Isrid is genuinely interested, honest, asks extensive questions and challenges you. She inspires and motivates, always strives for the best possible.
Susanne Schilte
Manager Boutique Tourbillon
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