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With 20+ years of experience representing top-tier professionals in the fashion, luxury and creative sector, Isrid understands the specific industry, career and personal branding challenges you face. Through this clear, actionable session, I will help you gain clarity and confidence about what makes you stand out in the marketplace, create an authentic competency message that resonates with the position and employer you seek. Isrid is your sidekick to make monumental changes and to offer the support and reflection you need to find your path and to take strategic action to achieve professional growth and sustainable success. The session can be provided in Dutch or in English.

How it works?

1 | Book and pay your Career Path Coaching Package and schedule a date and time-slot in my agenda for your first session.

2 | Send your CV to me@isrid.nl with ‘Career Path Coaching’ as a subject and the date and time of your booking.

3 | The Career Path Coaching consists of a 2 hour session via Zoom video call. Content of the sessions:


  • Your most important necessity.
  • Your biggest challenge.
  • Evaluate where you’re at, where you want to be, and get clarity on what’s next.


  • We will evaluate and reflect on your working experience, what do you take with you on your path and what do you leave behind.
  • I will help you to go inside, find and understand your deepest ambitions and desires.
  • We  will define actions for the future.
  • We will discuss and design a unique plan for your personal branding and how to match your ambitions to the needs of the industry.
  • I will share recommendations and new insights, including articles to read, video’s to watch and people to contact.
  • I will coach you in developing the resume you need to properly market yourself according to your desires.
  • You will receive a personal profile report, containing critical and motivating remarks and statements that helps you understand your professional energy, which you can use an inspiration for editing your resume.

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