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Rock your CV

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My sixth sense and warm interest for talent and what people moves, has always been my compass in helping professionals grow as a person and to reflect on their ambitions. As a recruiter, I’ve seen thousands of resumes over the past 15 years, the majority of them in need of major revisions. So, stop telling and start selling. In this 1 hour session we will discover and unlock your potential. You will be coached to reflect on your competences and talent via ISRID’s unique ‘professional golden triangle’ method. I will help you to develop the resume you need to properly market yourself as a potential candidate for your dream job – in person, online and on your resume.

Discover and unlock your potential.

How it works

1 | Book your personal ‘Rock your CV’ session by sending a mail to me@isrid.nl and attach your current CV + some info about your challenges, goals and what you want to aprove.

2 | You will receive our invoice and kindly request to settle payment before the session.

3 | We’ll spend 60 minutes on Zoom video and ‘share screen’ call in which we will address:

  • Your past career / working experience and a look into the future.
  • Your biggest challenge.
  • Evaluate where you’re at and where ( company, job, industry ) you want to be, and the best resume approach to get you there.
  • Through ISRID’s unique ‘professional golden triangle’ method I will help you define your 3 core competences.
  • We will discuss and designing a unique set-up for your resume.

4 | After the call:

  • You will receive a personal profile report, containing critical and motivating remarks and statements that helps you understand your professional energy, which you can use an inspiration for editing your resume.


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