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Strategic Growth Program

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It’s people that are at the heart of innovation, so how do you empower your teams to learn and develop? How do you engage and empower people for (digital) transformation?

Gain clarity, a fresh perspective and a growth plan with this ISRID Academy Kick-Off Package.

No matter what size your company or team is, as your strategic business, transformation and growth sidekick, ISRID Academy designs the perfect strategic growth package to help your business reach new heights. Starting with this kick-off consultancy session. The sessions can be provided in Dutch or in English.


Do you want to grow your business and develop a transformation mind-set?


How it works

ISRID Agency offers tailor made strategic growth programs for:

  • (Tech) Trends & Innovation in the industry
  • Digital Transformation¬†
  • Empowerment & Motivation ( Self and Team )
  • Company Brand & Values

1 | Book and pay your Strategic Growth Program intake meeting

2 | We’ll spend 45 minutes on a Zoom video call in which we will address:

  • The key area’s of opportunities of growth for your business
  • The key area’s and needs for learning & development of your MT and/or teams.
  • The outlines of your Strategic Growth Program ( ISRID offers masterclasses, brand & value sessions, re-positioning and (digital) transformation sessions, empowerment sessions, roadmaps and consultancy meetings.
  • Learnings, cases and references of other clients and how ISRID academy designed and guided their strategic growth and transformation programs.

3 | ISRID Academy will design a Strategic Growth Program, tailor made to your needs, opportunities and budget.


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