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An empowered employee has the authority and responsibility to make decisions, rather than needing to get approval or instructions from a manager. In an empowered team, each teammate has a voice in group decisions. The team self-organizes around a leader instead of reporting to a manager, and may make changes to their project or product at will. An organization structured around empowered teams will have a relatively flat hierarchy and a high proportion of well-educated, highly trusted employees. When companies want to build sustainable growth engines for the company, they need to create the right conditions and empower teams for the best ideas to get picked up. This is where Isrid, as your empowerment sidekick, brings in her expertise and network to be an orchestrator of your tailored-designed Team Empowerment Session.

Empower your teams to get ready for digital and sustainable transformation together

The Team Empowerment Session is designed as a full day program and can be provided in Dutch or in English. Isrid offers a portfolio for unique session-locations and works with a network of dedicated specialists and experts for inspirational co-training and co-speaking. ( Best-sellers are: Kick-boxing with Denise Kielholtz, Free Mind Philosophy with Esther Ritman, e-Sports with Koen Schobbers )


How it works

1 | Click the button ‘Contact Isrid’ to leave your request and details to schedule a 30 minute online Zoom call to discuss your specific situation and needs. We will address:

  • Your team’s most important necessity
  • Your team’s biggest challenge
  • Evaluate where the team is at, where the team wants to be, and look at the best solutions for a tailor-made Team Empowerment day session.
  • The key elements for the program.

2 | After the call

  • You will receive a program and offer for your unique Team Empowerment Session. 


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