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With this Fashion-Tech Trends Masterclass you empower and smarten yourself on the number one macro development, reshaping ánd innovating the fashion industry to be more sustainable, diverse, collaborative, transparent and consumer focussed.

Turbo-charge digital and think tech first.

Today, tech is transforming fashion at a faster pace than ever. Being a fashion-professional, you should examine the potential near and long-term impact of tech trends. The Fashion Tech Masterclass will help you spark your strategic future thinking and ability to innovate your work. Failing to monitor trends in a meaningful way will put your competitive advantage, growth and survivability at risk. Think exponentially. Act incrementally. Always remember that the future isn’t yet written. You have the power to build your best possible future today.

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In this class, you will learn about the evolution of the fashion industry and where technology is taking it next. Dive into the trends reshaping how our clothes and accessories are designed, manufactured, distributed, and marketed. The program offers an overview and  knowledge of Industry 4.0 plus insights and learnings of Tech in general. Furthermore you will deep-dive into Fashion- Tech throughout the whole fashion supply chain, from Artificial Intelligence, to Tech realities, digital design to voice, temperature-changing fabrics and beyond. Please check the course curriculum below for a detailed overview.

Bonus : Buying this masterclass course will give you access to the course for 2 years and viewing all the updates or content I will add to the course over this time. 


What you will learn

  1. An overall overview of technology, fact, figures, trends.
  2. How technology is impacting and changing the fashion industry.
  3. Tech developments in the total fashion chain from design, materials, production up to retail and e-commerce.
  4. Examples and case studies of fashion-tech through video and interviews.
  5. A deep understanding of tech and how it breaks down in sub-categories such as data, algorithms, tech realities etc.
  6. A radar, scope and context for tech developments to come.


How you will learn

  1. Academic slides and presentations
  2. Video tutorials
  3. Interviews
  4. Video case studies
  5. Essential facts & figures
  6. Glossary of key terms
  7. Reading lists

Note: The course total video content is 2.05 hours. However, studying and reviewing all the material and slides will take you around 3 hours.

Course Curriculum

Masterclass Course Overview and introduction of professor Isrid van Geuns
Welcome message 00:02:04
Introduction Isrid van Geuns and Course overview 00:02:01
1. The state of Tech: A holistic overview, trends to watch and tech report
The state of tech intro by Isrid 00:01:00
1.1 – 1.4 Industrial Revolutions, Synthetic Future, Tech Trends and Data 00:06:12
2. Artificial Intelligence: Deep dive in AI, algorithms and machine learning
Artificial Intelligence intro by Isrid 00:01:06
2.1 Artificial Intelligence 00:02:24
3. Tech in the Fashion chain: Overseeing all domains
Tech & The fashion chain intro by Isrid 00:00:33
3.1 Overview and organogram 00:01:32
4. Product Design: Tech for fabrics, A.I and digital design up to 3D printing
Product Design intro by Isrid 00:01:22
4.1 AI becomes the designer 00:02:21
4.2 Tech Fabrics 00:00:33
4.3 Digital Design 00:15:00
4.4 3D Printing 00:05:03
4.5 Wearable Tech 00:10:13
4.6 Smart Clothes 00:03:16
5. Manufacturing: Tech for new production, robots etc.
Manufacturing intro by Isrid 00:00:31
5.1 Made to order 00:00:18
5.2 Micro Factories 00:07:24
5.3 3D Printing 00:00:30
5.4 Robots 00:03:30
6. Distribution: Blockchain, RFID up to robots
Inventory & Distribution intro by Isrid 00:01:00
6.1 RFID 00:05:05
6.2 Blockchain 00:06:31
6.3 D2C 00:01:18
7. Retail 4.0: The smart store, AR, VR and MR, trends up to predictions
Retail 4.0 intro by Isrid 00:02:05
7.1 The Smart Store 00:13:33
7.2 Reality Tech 00:09:27
8. E-commerce: Voice on the rise, mixed realities, A.I. up to digital stylists
E-Commerce intro by Isrid 00:01:29
8.1 AI becomes the stylist 00:05:32
8.2 Augmented Reality 00:06:10
8.3 Voice 00:04:30
Closing thoughts & References
Closing Thoughts by Isrid 00:02:00
Congratulations & References 00:00:00

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  1. 5

    Very clear and structured overview. You have a pleasant way to present useful information and your insights are ‘spot on’ Isrid. Thank you for this masterclass. Time well spent!

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