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The clothing of the future will look nothing like what we wear today. A hunger for sustainability is leading researchers to new organic materials from which to design clothing. Other visionaries are working to make our future outfits as smart as we want to look. Being a fashion-professional, you should examine these potential near and long-term developments on new materials. Failing to monitor and apply fabric trends in a meaningful way will put your competitive advantage, growth and survivability at risk.

Monitor and apply fabric trends in a meaningful way

In this  Sustainable and Future Fashion Fabrics Session, you learn about a variety of innovations that represent new opportunities and solutions towards a diverse materials future and where technology and working with nature is taking it next.  It will help you spark your strategic future thinking and ability to innovate your work and production supply chain. The session offers an overview and  knowledge on Sustainable and Future proof fabrics,  showcasing a range of fibres, materials and smart clothes from speculative and experimental, to commercially-available.

Materials really matter – they represent the beginning of the design journey, exciting us, embodying tactile promise, and expressing the creativity and substance of new fashion products. However, research tells us that they also account for highly significant impacts across the supply chain. The material choice alone can account for up to 95% of a product’s environmental and social footprint, therefore materials innovation plays a pivotal role in potentially transforming the impacts of the fashion and textiles industries.

The Sustainable and Future Fashion Fabrics Session Session is designed as a 2 hour program and can be provided in Dutch or in English. 


How it works

1 | Book and pay your ‘Sustainable and Future Fashion Fabrics Session’ and schedule a date and time-slot in my agenda.

2 | I will contact you to discuss:

  • Company and team information.
  • Team size. 
  • Location. ISRID offers in-company sessions and can also assist in finding the right location. For groups up to 12 persons I can strongly suggest the ISRID ‘ amazing view’ Head-Office at Pontsteiger Amsterdam Houthavens.

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